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Thailand has announced its goal to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. It is committed to reaching net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2065 to align with the country's objectives and contribute to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which support sustainable development initiatives.

As a global citizen, BE Petrothai Group is committed to bridging connections and providing unique engineering solutions for energy recovery, energy saving, carbon capture technologies, and new energy. We harness cutting-edge engineering technologies to tackle the challenges of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, primarily focusing on large-scale industrial energy facilities. Our mission is to empower customers to
achieve their goals, strongly emphasising the 4 SDGs pillars.

BE Petrothai Group presents 4 technologies that can reduce greenhouse gas emissions

and enhance energy utilization efficiency in the industrial energy facilities.

1. Energy Recovery: Reuse Waste Heat to Power

This technology will harness lost energy during production processes and convert it into usable energy, such as capturing wasted heat from the machinery exhaust or recovering inefficiently distributed of electrical power.

Energy Recovery’s Advantages:

  1. Saving energy and reducing production or operational costs.
  2. Decreasing pollutant emissions.
  3. Conserving natural resources.
  4. Maximize resource utilization.

Energy Recovery Technology & BE Petrothai Group’s Global Partnership

  1. Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) System: An electrical closed loop system that converted low heat sources to power
  2. Waste Heat Recovery Units (WHRUs)

2. Energy saving: for Reduce GHG

To achieve Energy Efficiency through selecting high-efficiency technologies, will directly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, such as carbon dioxide which released into the atmosphere

Furthermore, the Energy Star website, which is the official website of the United States government, indicates that efficient energy usage is a crucial foundation for energy conservation efforts.

Energy Saving’s Advantages:

  1. Increasing cost-effectiveness of energy usage, reducing carbon emissions, saving budgets, and preventing wasteful depletion of limited renewable energy resources.
  2. Providing sustainable returns on investment. Energy-saving technologies have proven worthwhile, even though some may take longer to yield returns.
  3. Able to start immediately, save energy, and reduce costs because most energy-saving technologies are easy to install.

Energy Saving Technology & BE Petrothai Group’s Global Partnership

  1. KOCH Heat Transfer: TWISTED TUBE®
  2. Schmidt + Clemens: SCope Fusion HT E
  3. John Zink Hamworthy Combustion: Steamizer XP Flare
  4. Koch Glitsch: Column Internal Improvement

3. Carbon Capture Utilization &
Storage (CCUS): Reduce CO2

These reduce CO2 technologies by capturing CO2 , waste, or by-products from industrial processes and storing them underground, such as in geological formations, to prevent their release into the atmosphere. Alternatively, these gases can be used in another industrial processes for beneficial purposes.

Carbon Capture Utilization & Storage’s Advantages:

  1. Reducing the amount of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere and mitigating global warming.
  2. Utilising stored carbon for other processes, such as construction, steel, cement, polymer materials, etc.

Carbon Capture Utilization & Storage Technology & BE Petrothai Group’s Global Partnership

  1. CO2 Gas Compressors
  2. CO2 Liquid Fraction Pump

4. New Energy: Replace Hydrocarbon to H2

Transitioning away from conventional fossil fuels like coal, oil, and natural gas, significant contributors to greenhouse gas emissions and carbon compound formation, towards hydrogen energy or cleaner alternative fuels such as renewable energy and biofuels represents a shift towards more sustainable energy utilization.

New Energy’s Advantages:

  1. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and mitigating hazardous smoke to improve overall quality of life.
  2. Decreasing dependence on imported fossil fuels: a shift towards renewable energy sources to enhance energy security and reduce reliance on imports.

New Energy Technology & BE Petrothai Group’s Global Partnership:

  1. Hydrogen Burner
  2. Hydrogen Gas Turbine
  3. Hydrogen Generator

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