The Organization’s Vision and Philosophy Lead the Future

Vision: The vision that leads the organization

“Deliver International Satisfaction Standards for valuable customers, business partners, and employees.”

• We believe that 'Customer Satisfaction' does not occur at the last stage of our work, ‘Satisfaction’ is the right vision and management in every process involved. This includes employees, business partners, and the delivery of our products and services to the customer.

• The works of BE Petrothai Group focuses on benefiting all stakeholders, no certain group of people are above others. We do this by listening to our customers, partners, and employees. This can help us prepare and be ready for the fast-paced business, the industry, and the world with grace.

• Committed to excellence is how we keep our promises and take care of our responsibilities to the customer. All of our employees aim to create the best work results possible.

BE Petrothai Group: Business Philosophy

Innovative Collaboration Community: All 5 business units of BE Petrothai Group are a community of innovation creation, together we are creating sustainable values.

Successful Contract: Our employee's responsibility is to deliver the work in a manner that is fully completed according to the contract. We will not leave any burden behind for our customers and business partners to take care of.

Quality People: We believe that sustainable business growth based on employees' quality of life. Therefore, we provide extensive care for every employee according to their roles and responsibilities. We provide welfare, benefits, and regularly develop our employees' competence and knowledge.

Prosperity & Security: ‘Share resources, activities and benefits’ Equal share of interests are divided upon our employees and shareholders. Creating stability for the organization by the constant development of our businesses, to be ready for different situations.

How we do? BE Petrothai Group Work Culture

Deliver trust, and acquire the solution: Delivered hi-reliability output by effective teamwork. Answering customers' needs and business partners in every aspect, as an Adaptive Innovative Partner who always developing and expanding our knowledge.

Business Model: Input > Process > Output is a common context at BE Petrothai Group. Since each working team, which is the operation, operation support, and support team, works collaboratively. We instill the attitude as 'our performance will affect others either directly or indirectly' and envision the entire working process in our employees.

We believe that working as the process owner will raise concerns about risk and minimize liability. Moreover, our people are also encouraged to develop themselves to be a great business owner who owns and manages high-end stores in a large shopping mall.

• Apart from works with full potential, BE Petrothai Group also support the Environmental, Social,and Governance (ESG) issues.

Committed to Excellence

We keep our promises and take care of our responsibilities to the customer.
All of our employees aim to create the best result possible.