Case Study: Filtration | Heat Exchanger
Case Study: Filtration

Partnering Program in increasing the efficiency of gas filtration

by up to 80% in the petroleum production process.

In 2006, our customer found that the Mercury removal unit (MRU) is unable to function at full efficiency. To help our customer to improve their production efficiency, inCyam and our filtration manufacturer (PECO) had created a Partnering Program collaborating with the customer for searching solutions. After some testing, we found that there are a lot of liquid contaminants in the gas at upstream of MRU, which results in the lower efficiency of Mercury Adsorber. So, the solution is to increase the efficiency of the gas coalescer at upstream of MRU.

We did some tests and finally got a better filter element to replace at the gas coalescer at upstream of MRU. As a result, it can reduce the liquid content at the outlet of gas coalescer up to 82.51% (from 18.3 ppm to 3.2 ppm). From the success in this case, later, we had applied this process to solve the problem for our customers in many applications. Our collaboration process can be concluded as below.

Set up
  • SPS Test
  • Lab test
  • Bench Test
Trial & Optimize
Long Term

1. Set up partnering program :

Agree to collaborate with customer on the process to research, trial, and conclude the solution, including timeline to measure the results from each milestone together.

2. Research :

  • SPS test (Scientific process solution) : Site inspection and measurement of liquid contaminant at each related point to analyze the fluid conditions and find solutions.
  • Replace with better filtration element; we may do SPS test again to find efficiency improvement.
  • Lab Test : To check liquid contaminant properties for proper filter element selection
  • Bench Test : To simulate the real operating condition and find the efficiency of selected filter element technology in bench-scale before producing the actual size.

3. Trial & optimize solution :

To test the produced filter elements before using it at site.

  • The first case, we did a performance test at the laboratory in the USA with customer witness. In addition, this coalescer filter was tested in chemical compatibility in Malaysia, and the test result indicates that it can be applied to all conditions of gas composition.

4. Develop long term contract :

Agree to made long term contract to get a lower price by volume discount.

5. Inventory management :

Collaborate to plan inventory management to minimize inventory while ensuring inventory availability.

Case Study : Heat Exchanger

Collaboration in production planning and equipment transportation for
Hairpin Heat Exchanger bundles replacement based on plant shutdown schedule

A Refinery plan to do a plant shutdown for replacing Hairpin Heat Exchanger bundles in 2019. BE Petrothai Group has an opportunity to collaborate in operation planning since engineering management process through equipment transportation together with risk management arranged the maintenance equipment to be delivered on schedule and meet the customer’s requirement. As a result, we have managed the project which the customer can control their time and cost for the greatest

worthwhile by following steps;

  • Engineering management
  • Production monitoring & recovery plan
  • Equipment Route management
  • Warranty

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