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Climate change is addressed as a global priority, with each country committed to implementing policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to mitigate the impacts of climate change. Currently, creating or enhancing new projects requires reliance on technology that supports processes, particularly innovation aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions, merged with an understanding of customer requirements, which vary in operational condition.

BE Petrothai Group is your Adaptive Innovation Partner in every process. We offer comprehensive Engineering Management Services to facilitate the success of your projects as a Successful Contract, leading to pollution management.

Our Engineering Management Services consist of  4  core goals,
  1. Quality Control : Ensuring work quality complies with international standards to achieve results that meet customer requirements.
  2. Safety Control : Emphasising safety, preventing accidents, and creating a safe working environment.
  3. Time Control : Efficiently managing time and making progress according to the project timeline.
  4. Budget Control : Closely monitoring the budget with transparency, facilitating comprehensive scrutiny.
Our Engineering Management Services encompass every stage of the EPC process (Engineering, Procurement, Construction), starting from feasibility studies, detailed design, and project management, all the way to equipment procurement, construction, and installation. This is executed by our engineering team with over 40 years of experience, adhering to international standards, and prioritising safety and efficiency.

3 Customized Service Package:


1. Feasibility Study:

Evaluate the practicality of the proposed project.
  • Fact Finding : Understanding customer requirements, analysing process flows, and evaluating existing equipment in use.
  • Assessment : Surveying data and evaluating the project's feasibility.
  • Creating Solutions : Selecting appropriate technologies, simulating and assessing scenarios for the suitable project.

2. Detailed Design:

We take care of all project details.
  • Engineering Design : Sizing and selecting equipment and evaluating the suitability of the technology for the project requirements under existing conditions.
  • Engineering Alignment : Working according to international engineering standards, aligning scope and deliverables in detail to meet customer requirements, sourcing quality equipment , managing production lead time and quality assurance testing, and outlining a project plan for efficient procurement, installation, and commissioning.
3. Project Execution:
We bring your project to fruition.
  • Engineering : Conducting quality and safety inspections.
  • Resource Management : Appropriately planning, sourcing, procuring, and managing resources for the project.
  • Execution :Implementing planned activities, tracking progress, and managing all project quality, from production and logistics to commissioning, to ensure timely delivery.
  • Progressive Measurement : Documenting and reporting progress.
  • Risk Management : Assessing potential risks and devising a recovery plan to mitigate and reduce impact on the project.
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