BE Petrothai Group: Adaptive Innovation Partner

Petrothai Corporation Ltd. has been founded in 1981

Where the first discovery of natural gas and petroleum was flourishing in Thailand. As a representative office in the distribution, preparation of equipment to support the oil and gas, and petrochemical industry with the business ethos of

"Committed to Excellence" and "Successful Contract".

In 1995, Petrothai Corporation Ltd.

has synergized with BE Consulting Group, a company specialized in business consultancy, called as "BE Petrothai Group." The organizational structure was re-engineered in line with the dynamic client requirement.

BE Petrothai Group adopted the vision to lead the organization and created work mechanisms resulting in a practical business process.

During 1997 - 2001, BE Petrothai Group

expanded to 5 business units. All units share their distinct strength, expertise, and support each other to serve customers. The entire company groups hold the same goal as

"International Satisfaction Standards for customers, partners, and employees."

All companies proceed based on the same business principles as ‘Share resources, activities and benefits’, 5 companies are working as different role as follows:

Petrothai Corporation Ltd. since 1981

Corporate branding and marketing service for the group

inCyam Co., Ltd. Since 2001

Leading by application engineers and sale engineers who are expertized and experienced in selecting the equipment. Our team also provide the guidance, suggestion optimized transportation of engineering equipment to support customer success.

PTC Petrothai Corporation Ltd. since 1997

PTC commitment is "Successful Contract" as known as 100% of work completed. Experienced and knowledgeable service engineers, who specialize in engineering management, render several services, for instance, after-sales service, product training, pre-delivery inspection.

BE Concept Co., Ltd. since 2001

Provide information system and technology services, focusing on gathering BE Petrothai Group's knowledge from the establishment of the company and support communication for both customers and partners at the global level. Other in-house management systems, e.g., management system accounting, resource and liability management for better productivity.

BE Consulting Group Co., Ltd. since 1987

Provide management services for different resources for all business units, e.g., financial, accounting, data, employee benefits, workplace environment for the readiness and effectiveness of the employees' productivity.

Currently, with BE Petrothai Group's

competency and ability to adapt in a rapidly changing business environment, we can be your valuable and adaptive innovation partner.

Our stakeholders can always trust and find the best solution by collaborating with us.
Above all, BE Petrothai Group hold our ground to deliver
Excellently and 100%
complete contract.