Control Valve

Oil and gas industry is one of the most complicated industries because its operation consists of the variety machinery since upstream through downstream. However, the oil and gas industry can be survived by the efficient management of the small equipment are called “Control Valve.” The Control valves are used as the equipment in the piping system to modify and regulate the flow rate, temperature, pressure, and level of a fluid by changing the position of a flow controlling element for responding to the controlling system with smooth and safe operation.

  • Component
  • 1. Valve body

    Pressure containing assembly

    Trim components

  • 2. Actuator

    Provide mechanical mean to open-close valve

    To shut off against pressure
    To achieve fail safe position
  • 3. Positioner

    To position valve opening according to control signal

  • Table 1: Valve Component

The control valves are involved in every stage of oil and gas production. Many types are depending on the use of a specific function. Besides, the equipment of oil and gas production process is in extreme environment condition such as drastic temperature and pressure. Thus, parts can be classified by function and possibility to damages

into 3 Groups as below;

  • 1.
    Insurance Part :

    Structural Part of equipment, be withstand without damage thru valve design lifetime in normal operating conditions

  • 2.
    Operational Part : Parts usually wear and tear by the regular operation

    Flow Control : Parts having direct contact with the fluid during operating

    Retaining : Parts to hold Flow Control parts to fit in positions and alignment

  • 3.

    A collaboration among our customer, BE Petrothai Group, and business partner are established to get the final specification and reduce engineering time after ordering of the project. Followed by the manufacturing and inspection (Witness test).

Valve Selection
and services

BE Petrothai Group offers our customer the high performance customized valve solutions and consultancy service with our professional directly able to analyze diagnosis of a control valve

For Upstream and

Rotary Control Valve :

more than 1 million valve successful installation in installed in a variety of process industries and applications, high capacity and turndown capability, flexibility to match existing installations, simply maintenance, reducing downtime and life-cycle cost, a valve capable of replacing at least 80% of the control valves in use at that time.

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